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Being on fire with your marketing starts by making the eyes of the visitors sparkle!

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Our team is full of great ideas. We cannot wait to share them with you!

We are the engineers of websites

Let's start from the beginning! We know it well, a website gives a company great visibility on the web. These days, having a website is almost an obligatory passage to ensure the growth and success of your company on the long term. It's the time to make a great demonstration to amaze your potential clients and reach your best clients. That's why you need a vitrine to your image, not forgetting about your brand image, also called a logo; this is what people will search, to what they will hang on, we will get back to this in a moment.

It has been proven that a bit more than 50% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! For your marketing to skyrocket, our team will make sure to deliver a website following the strictest standards of the industry. We will take into account your favorites, your tastes and your ideas (no matter if they are flamboyant or very basic, our team will respect who you are and add to it the little necessary oumph!)

We make sure that all our websites are created with a minimal loading time to optimize your presence on the web and your user experience. It's a must in the digital field.
Our websites are always made with the best code practices, ensuring that the backend is as clean as the frontend, in other words the visual aspect of your website! As beautiful outside as inside, just like you.
We take additional measures to make sure that your website and your information are secured, so you and your visitors can feel protected while navigating.
Your website is down? Something isn't right? These things happen. Inform us of any trouble, and we will make sure that everything is working again right as it should, and fast. If not, we have put in place a system that warn us when a website we host has fallen victim to a little indisposition!
You wish to reach a greater number of potential clients and therefore increase your conversion rate? Today, most of the world internet traffic is done on mobile. It is then essential to have a responsive website to reach your goals! Our team will make sure that your website will be as beautiful on your IPhone as on your sister-in-law's Androïd and your garage owner's tablet.
Making your company shine thanks to the magic of the web will never have been so simple. Our work is also to think up and create outstanding advertising visuals to stand out from the mass and increase your sales!
Your company's visual identity is one of the most important thing, everything must be in symbiosis. Starting with your logo, going to the font you will use, and not forgetting your color palette and all the little key elements to make your branding a success, something that will stay in people's minds. After all, our ultimate goal will always be to create a WOW effect as much towards you as your current and future clients. We can also refresh your brand image. Who doesn't like to bring their car to the garage for a full maintenance or a supreme esthetic package, or making an appointment with the hairdresser to get a makeover? Keep it in mind, a blazing brand image for fire results! Admit it, you're dying for this, when do we start?

A short summary of what we offer:

● Logo creation
● Visual identity development (typography, color palette, visual elements, etc.)
● Business cards
● Printed advertisement
● Brochures and advertising cardboard
● Products branding
You already have a website in need of a bit of freshness and a lot of love? Your brand image doesn't resonate with you anymore and you need something new? We are always more than happy to get a look at your old website to give it the attention it needs to get up to date with web standards. For both updating visuals or reduce the multipage to a blazing landing page, we will make sure your website will be even brighter than fireworks!

Types of website

+ Wordpress
+ Online stores (Shopify, Lightspeed, etc.)

Web design isn't only the creative part of the project to which you will have agreed; your website also needs to be up to date and created in a methodical way. It is the art of making visitors live a user experience, it's ergonomy, added value, all that will allow you to come out first on a variety of web browsers. It is also the continued optimization of your platform to stay at the top. Let's go further.

First, we begin with a nice hello!
We show you our tools: Slack and Google Drive.
We send you a first message on Slack: careful, this message will contain important and necessary information for the rest of the project.
After that starts the planning of a first meeting.
Then, you will have to fill in a questionnaire after receiving it -- for us it is the time to get inspired!

You will have around 1 week to do this task (for some difficult) before the first phone meeting.

The goal is to establish a first contact together, this is where the magic begins.
We proceed with the analysis of the needs and expectations concerning your beautiful project.
We plan the schedule, an essential step.
After that, we discuss designs based on the answers given in the questionnaire, the famous questionnaire.
Well establishing the guideline of the project, P-R-I-M-O-R-D-I-A-L.
It is quite possible that we send you one or many content requests or any other related request, making a beautiful website is more difficult than it seems.

After this step, you have to provide the necessary content for the project to continue as discussed during the meeting (logos, images, filled out questionnaire, information or any other content requested beforehand). As soon as they receive the content, the production team can move on with the development.

We present you the model of the website's home page or landing page; no, we won't come up with a high school project, it's a long picture realised on the model of what your website will look like.
Of course, we will take notes on modifications to be made.
If applicable, we will ask you for more content, it can happen!

In the days following this step, the client will receive a message through Slack to reserve their next phone appointment. Plan for a time lapse of 3 weeks before the next meeting.

A follow-up will be done in the meantime to inform the client of how the project is coming along.

We will present the full website; no, it will not be finished, but you will see its 'online' version.
We will also present the model for the mobile version (if it's not already put online).
We will take notes about the last changes to make to the website before it's officially put online.
If we need to fix something, this is when it's done.
We will then proceed with a complete check-up of corrections based on your recommendations, you're the boss.

In the days following this step, the client will receive a message in Slack to reserve their next phone appointment. Plan for a time lapse of 3 weeks before the next meeting.

A follow-up will be done in the meantime to inform the client of how the project is coming along.

Presentation of the complete website 'online', after the last modifications.
Presentation of the optimized mobile version 'online'.
Note taking of the last changes to make to the website, before it is officially put online.
Final approval of the project.
Plan for a time lapse of 1 to 2 weeks before the website is put online.