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What are the pros of doing Google Ads Placement with a marketing agency?

How about we go over the subject of Google now (Google or any other Web browser)? You always ask yourself 'How come, when I look up massage therapist clinic Montreal on Google, some have AD to their right and others don't, how come my competitor appears first?'. We will explain it to you: Google is a bit of a science. It's a mix of key words, budget, publication hour, geo-tracking, cost per clic, competitors, strategy, landing page (yes yes, your website will have a huge impact on the success of the Google ads you will make). Of course, our team will carefully evaluate your field of activity and will take into account all factors so your phone and email box blaze up. After all, we are passionate experts obsessed with results. We also love statistics, we can't forget about that; it's essential to be able to reach, target and retarget potential clients for your company.

Generate traffic quickly! The creation of optimized Google Ads campaigns has the goal of quickly generating traffic in the short term, while showing its effects in the medium and long term. A deep analysis will be done to determine the key words that will incite action while targeting an audience and prospects already interessed by your services, therefore easier to convert for a low cost.

Some interesting statistics:

  • 43% of users bought something after seeing an online ad
  • Google offers a return on investment (ROI) of 8:1 - which means 8$ per spent dollar
  • The recommended daily budget for Google Ads campaign varies between 10$ and 50$

All starts with preparation, followed with the study and analysis of researched terms of the targeted clients. Of course, optimized campaigns will be established and put online to convert visitors. Last but not least, our team of brains will proceed to optimization. It's thanks to the creation of montly reports that we can constantly improve the efficiency of the established strategies.

1 - Research and online posting can take up to 30 open days after the signing of the contract.
2 - After that, there will be modifications and adjustments each month.
3 - Monthly, a report will be sent to you.

Our expectations are to improve traffic and the number of leads during the campaign, of course. Leads will be then redirected to the website or landing page of your company. Using different ad extensions, we can incite qualified clients to take action, in other words to contact you. We place at the forefront behavioral campaigns, which will target with precision actual and potential clients with relevant profiles. We will elaborate the details of the campaigns in a document after the signing of an agreement with you, and install monitoring and conversion tools. Everything to make your campaigns a success!

Showcase your company on the traditional Google brower to optimize your presence on the web and make your company shine! With textual ads, extensions and most of all audacious strategies, we will make sure that your ads stand out from the rest in the web universe.
Youtube Ads
Interesting fact: Youtube is owned by Alphabet (Google's parent company). As the second most important browser in the world, using this advertisement media in Google Ads can obviously bring your company to the next level! The return on investment can be very profitable for some companies.

Our team sparkles with good ideas to make your visibility spectacularly and cleverly explode! Elaborating a good visual strategy will allow you to create the wow effect from the first contact with your clients and therefore stand out from others throughout the web. As much for creating websites, advertising visuals, logos or business cards, Agence LB takes care of your project from start to finish. It is time to go from ideas to RESULTS!

The objective is to contextualize your marketing needs and define who are your primary competitors in Google. We will then use an array of tools to analyse the market and create Google Ads.
The creation of the account and texts, the addition of extensions, the multiplication of campaigns including variables to make the artificial intelligence work and the browser's algorithm: we are not done with campaign parameters and the type of optimization depending on the campaign's objective.

When people come across your page after a Google Ad, we will make many marketing suggestions left to your discretion. The goal is to give you advice and increase your rate of conversions.
Each month, during some strategic periods, we apply adjustments following our analysis of your campaigns. The data we collect with Google Analytics and in your Google Ads campaigns will be worked on with you. The point is for the ideas of our marketing strategists and your expectations to be in symbiosis.